Reach One Soul at a Time

Victory Baptist Church on Cowee Mountain
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Connect with people
Grow in your faith
Increase in knowledge
Use your talents

Regular Meetings

Pastor Rusty Wolfrey

Sunday School – 10 am
Sunday Worship – 11 am
Master Clubs – 5:45 pm
Sunday Evening – 6 pm
Wednesday Night  – 7 pm 

Creation . Redemption . Restoration .

God's Plan of SalvationWhat to Expect at VBC

Get Involved


Sunday School, Worship, Prayer, Bible Study and more. Come be around like-minded followers of Christ.


Join the congregation in worship, participate in the choir or along with a small group before the sermon.

In the Background

You are needed. There are plenty of opportunities to get involved in the “unseen” aspects of our ministry. Reach out to the community, visit newcomers, cook for special events or needs, help with cleaning and a host of other opportunities.


Read, Meditate and Learn from God’s word personally, daily.


Opportunities abound from Sunday School to Children’s Church, Bible Studies and other small groups.


Get to know our foreign and domestic missionaries, their families and their ministries. You can make a huge impact in their lives.



Talk to God alone and with others in thanksgiving, praise and supplication.


God has given us everything. We must return to Him some of our time, talents and treasures.

Reach One Soul


at a time; our theme for 2019. Everyone can reach someone with the love of Christ and the Truth of God’s Word.